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I hereby declare that Goldie's BUZZ is off and running. It shall not be about everything and anything such as in a typical blog. Rather, my mission will be to share my thoughts about what I know about, and if you're reading this, about topics you may want to know about also and hopefully provide insight into the Bangkok Escort and nightlife scene.

My reflections about these topics come from many years being in as well as running the show. I do hope my bi-monthly posts help you in some way navigating Bangkok in the areas you are truly interested in.

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Search Engine Fantasy ...
Posted by Goldie on March 1, 2015
Nowadays the Internet is where people go for everything. All around the world this is certainly the driver for selecting female companionship. I think back to when I started my group 8 years ago as at that time there was very few Bangkok escort websites. Slowly, perhaps because other entrepreneurs saw my site, many websites increased year after year. Bangkok, of course, was always famous for nightlife but almost 100% gogo bar girls. Don't get me wrong, the bar venues are still very popular and rightly so as some have excellent quality if you search hard enough. But, over the past 8 years the Internet produced "room service" via search engines by simply typing in such words as "Bangkok escorts", "Escorts Bangkok" or many other simple words or phrases when you seek companionship direct to your hotel room.

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What clients tell me they want ...
Posted by Goldie on January 12, 2015
If one spends as much for an escort and thus not meet the girl prior, all clients want the same thing (although some want some eccentricities which we can meet or will not.....some requests are outside the willingness of my girls for obvious reasons and can't repeat here and I chalk that up to the very few "nutjobs" that have requests I would not even repeat here!

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What will 2015 bring?
Posted by Goldie on January 1, 2015
I want to wish you a Happy New Year and prosperity, safety and enjoyment for all! My girls and I have returned after a well deserved holiday at our group New Years retreat in the beautiful South of Thailand. As you can see on my gallery page that new and returnees will soon be in Bangkok ready to please. I want to thank all my repeat clients and appreciate your loyalty and hope that you will enjoy some new experiences with new talent when you visit this year. Always welcoming new clientele while striving to maintain my 75% repeat clients!

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Bar girl, Freelancer, Escort...or?
Posted by Goldie on November 15, 2014
My opinions and thoughts of advantages and disadvantages. I might surprise you....when I suggest you try them all! Truly, if your time and wallet allows, go for it. No doubt you can find beautiful, sexy and friendly willing girls in all places in Bangkok. That's why you're here after all even if you have some real business to attend to! Great feedback can be had truthfully from all venues by knowing and doing your "forum homework."

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Which girls are the most beautiful?
Posted by Goldie on November 1, 2014
I get asked this question very often. Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I have many girls that are coveted by many clients and book the same girl every time they visit. And yet I have clients with the same girl and it is not the same powerful experience. Of course, I can't answer definitively, because clients have different tastes. I may think which girl is prettier and the client might not. MOST IMPORTANT is that all are pretty but the MOST PRETTY? Different strokes for different folks.

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A couple of tidbits ....
Posted by Goldie on October 15, 2014
First, if anybody is concerned about visiting Bangkok soon things are running very smoothly. As usual, the Thai people are very welcoming and the nightlife continues with very wide open arms! Throughout the tourist areas in Bangkok are safer than ever and "room service" nightlife and bar and nightclub nightlife areas are gearing up for the very near high season!

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