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Which girls are the most beautiful?
Posted by Goldie on November 1, 2014

I get asked this question very often. Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I have many girls that are coveted by many clients and book the same girl every time they visit. And yet I have clients with the same girl and it is not the same powerful experience. Of course, I can't answer definitively, because clients have different tastes. I may think which girl is prettier and the client might not. MOST IMPORTANT is that all are pretty but the MOST PRETTY? Different strokes for different folks.

As all my girls are very attractive, my answer usually is tell me more about your likes and desires and I can suggest among my girls. I try very hard to filter the replies so the client does indeed choose the girl that will be a match. Some girls are stronger GFE and PSE, some tend towards one or the other because the client may treat them as such and my girl may be more catering to what she thinks is his demeanor. Never be shy about asking what you exactly desire.

The other question I get often is: What is the best time to reserve a girl? The best time to reserve a certain girl is I suggest two weeks before the appointment as that is when I start to make reservations for my girls. . I don't reserve prior to that as things change including girls on my gallery.

Often another question, if you desire to take her to a dinner and ask her for a recommended restaurant, they often will reply, "up to you" as it is somewhat cultural for some, not all, expect the client to choose. This not a big issue but a hint as to how Thai girls think.

Finally, there is the client that wants to take my girl out to see the nightlife. I suggest most are happy to go to nightclubs and hi end clubs. However, some consider it as an insult sometimes because they feel tagging along and "not your girl" if you want to take her to go-go bars or other "pickup joints".

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