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I hereby declare that Goldie's BUZZ is off and running. It shall not be about everything and anything such as in a typical blog. Rather, my mission will be to share my thoughts about what I know about, and if you're reading this, about topics you may want to know about also and hopefully provide insight into the Bangkok Escort and nightlife scene.

My reflections about these topics come from many years being in as well as running the show. I do hope my bi-monthly posts help you in some way navigating Bangkok in the areas you are truly interested in.

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A couple of tidbits ....
Posted by Goldie on October 15, 2014

First, if anybody is concerned about visiting Bangkok soon things are running very smoothly. As usual, the Thai people are very welcoming and the nightlife continues with very wide open arms! Throughout the tourist areas in Bangkok are safer than ever and "room service" nightlife and bar and nightclub nightlife areas are gearing up for the very near high season!

Personally, I am right now putting together my best group in the past eight years for my repeat clientele and new customers. Hope you will give the finest agency in town a try. Also, during this season many of my girls are reserved ahead but you're welcome to contact us via email or phone and often we have some of my top solo girls and my top Duos available within the hour.

A couple of tidbits that I find when I look around at the competition, most have links that are employment requests for new girls to apply. I think my agency has been on the top of the ladder for many reasons, certainly one is that I never take on a girl that I don't know or are referred by my existing girls. I get many emails or calls from girls who want to join Bangkok Gold but I have never accepted them into my agency. Indeed, perhaps some may have been talented but again.....they were not referred by my girls so sorry my polite reply is "No thank you". My girls know what I look for and they are always top in all the areas that are absolutely required such as very attractive, very friendly, good English and trained in ALL the key areas. Beauty AND performance! I never accept new girls, as well, from go-go bars or freelancers. Simply, my standards are well known as to what is expected from my exclusive group.

The other area I feel I should touch on is an important issue. I often see advertised "students", "teenagers" or "foreign ladies". All these areas I NEVER take into my well known group. My girls are all with us because they are known to me or my girls and are all Top Thai girls that are willingly associated with my long standing group. Most are local Thai models or from sister clubs around the world as my agency is among the very first established and exclusive in Bangkok. I'm quite sure other agencies in Bangkok have some high quality girls so I often say try others and compare. This is no small feat as most other Bangkok escort agencies are supplied by massage parlors or the like. Not at Goldie's!

Kisses & Hugs, Goldie


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