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My reflections about these topics come from many years being in as well as running the show. I do hope my bi-monthly posts help you in some way navigating Bangkok in the areas you are truly interested in.

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Bar girl, Freelancer, Escort...or?
Posted by Goldie on November 15, 2014

My opinions and thoughts of advantages and disadvantages. I might surprise you....when I suggest you try them all! Truly, if your time and wallet allows, go for it. No doubt you can find beautiful, sexy and friendly willing girls in all places in Bangkok. That's why you're here after all even if you have some real business to attend to! Great feedback can be had truthfully from all venues by knowing and doing your "forum homework."

In my humble, (but very educated viewpoint, thank you very much) it comes down to advantages and disadvantages. And, a bit to you the customer, who may have expectations that may be real world or not. I'll take a stab at this, definitely not entirely comprehensive, but some things you should consider. Ask yourself, what is it that you truly desire? From my many years of experience most clients want the best of "both worlds" that being a hot looking girl that drives me crazy sexually! Granted, some client desires are more precise, such as sensual, good English skills, likes to dance, understands me etc. Ok, now you're getting into the blah, blah category in many cases.

If I try to be succinct I offer my (self serving) opinions. Bar girls, many hot body, sexy and cute girls all over Bangkok. How many are more than that? Can you say....starfish? There are exceptions for sure, but bar girls are the experts in hit and run. They are trained to get as many customers nightly as possible thus unlikely to focus on truly pleasing you, and rarely more than one time! Freelancers, this group of ex bar girls or simply girls who prefer to hustle the streets, are often less attractive and some may have devious plans. It is possible, but I suggest unlikely, to find a gem because they may not get many customers but may really want to make you happy......for more money than quoted. -:(. No thank you.

And, as for Escorts, with disadvantages such as: that they are more expensive, what if the girl that arrives is not what I was hoping for, worried about discreetness at my hotel, etc. Taking all into consideration, room service via Escorts from established and hi class agencies (hint...hint) is hopefully one of the best options for a few reasons. 1. They have a vested interest in pleasing the customer as if the client's feedback is positive my agency will suggest them to future clients, if not we often will not or will replace them. ( very few and don't last long) 2. They are trained as an escort to provide PSE & GFE service. I try very hard to have hi class girls that satisfy in all areas. Attractive, friendly, socially very good with very good English skills, and know how to please in private. Try them all and decide yourself, I'm quite confident you'll be back.

Variety is throughout Bangkok, enjoy your stay and hope you'll determine if my findings are true? I think you will................

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